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Human Physiology

First Semester

Human Physiology - Part A & B (Offered by Physiology @ CMC Vellore)

-- Course Contents --

Blood and Lymph

Blood volume, Haematocrit, Primary Haemostatis. Coagulation of Blood. Spleen – Structure and functions.


Alimentary tract. Excretion: Kidney and urinary tract; Nephron


Functions, pigmentation, hairgrowth cycle, sweat glands, sebaceous secretion, cutaneous receptors

Cardiovascular System

Cardiac muscle and conducting tissue of the heart. Electrocardiography. Starling’s Law of the heart. Regulation of blood flow; coronary, cerebral, pulmonary, Splanchnic and cutaneous circulations.


Anatomy of the thoracic cage, lungs, respiratory tract, Bryle’s law in ventilation, Mechanism, Surfactant, Compliance, Diffusion, Transport. Regulation.

Central Nervous System

Parts of the brain and spinal cord, Classification, morphology, Efferent control; Grouping of sensory nerve fibres. Spinal reflexes. Ascending tracts, Descending tracts of spinal cord. Perception and cognition.Upper motor neurons, their pathways & lesions. Brain stem – Location and function of different centres. III to XII cranial nerves, their functions. Cerebral cortex. Thalamus

Special Senses

Vision : Anatomy; Image forming. Movements of the eyeballs; Hearing: Structure and function. Auditory Pathway. Vestibular apparatus; Smell & Taste: Odorants, olfaction; pathways to the brain; perception.

Endocrine system

General aspects of endocrine physiology; Histology.Protein and steroid hormones, transport, control of secretion, regulation. Hypothalamus; Thyroid; Parathyroid; Kidney; Heart; Adrenal cortex; Adrenal medulla; Islets of Langerhans; Gastrointestinal tract; Paracrine regulators. Production, effects of the Kinins, Histamine,Serotonin, Eicosanoids.


Sexual differentiation; growth and development; Hormones. Pregnancy; Functions of placenta; Physiology of mother and foetus. Parturition. Hormonal control.

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