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Mrs. C. Lalitha Venkatesan

Mrs. C. Lalitha Venkatesan joined CMC College of Nursing in 2002 as a Stenographer. In September 2014, she transitioned to the Bioengineering department. Currently, she serves as the secretary for the Bioengineering department, overseeing all administrative tasks. In addition to her professional responsibilities, she enjoys traveling, reading books, and spending time with students and staff members.

Mr. Parameswaran P

Parameswaran joined CMC in 1986 as a Hospital Attendant in the Staff Nurses Hostel. He later worked in various departments, including College Maintenance, Achieves, and Bioengineering. Currently, he serves as a Sr. Hospital Attendant. His interest lies in the machine lab, where he assists students with machining work for their projects. Beyond work, he enjoys exploring new activities and challenges.

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